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Students at Lincoln Street have the identical graduation requirements as those at Groves and Seaholm. While certain alternative programs offer a pathway to obtain a GED or a certificate of completion, our LSA students are striving to earn their diploma from Groves and Seaholm. Additionally, we adhere to the exact same daily bell schedule as Groves and Seaholm. If students are meeting their graduation credit requirements and have good attendance, they may also be eligible for programs at the Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OSTC) that have openings. Furthermore, we are expanding our offerings and opportunities for Business Internships (Co-Op) for students who work a minimum of 10 hours per week.

LSA functions as the district's program for credit retrieval. While not all of our students are lacking credits, we do provide assistance to those who need to recover credits. When students fail one or more classes at Groves or Seaholm, they do not receive credit and must find a way to make up for those credits in order to graduate high school on schedule. Consequently, we do not assign extra homework to our LSA students. Their credit recovery work serves as their homework, which they can complete both at home and during school hours. We arrange for students requiring credit recovery to participate in Academic Labs or Learning Strategies courses, allowing them dedicated time during the school day to catch up on these previous classes. Moreover, in our Learning Strategies courses, we deliberately teach and enhance our students' executive functioning abilities.

Many students struggle to find success in traditional high schools for various reasons, which often intertwine. Our goal is to offer a service that caters to all students who require a smaller, more personalized educational setting. We warmly welcome any student in need of such an environment.

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