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Are You an LSA Candidate?

Lincoln Street offers an alternative educational setting known as a "school within a school" for students from Groves and Seaholm high schools. This environment is designed to cater to students with unique learning styles who may have faced difficulties in the traditional high school system. Our dedicated team includes a principal, four core academic teachers and two paraprofessionals.

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Students often encounter difficulties in high school due to various factors, and our utmost priority is to assist them in overcoming these challenges. We are dedicated to guiding students towards success and helping them uncover their individual strengths and talents within the educational setting. Some of the prevalent reasons for which we provide support to students include:

  • Anxiety caused in a larger school setting
  • Attendance issues caused by school avoidance/anxiety
  • Credit recovery is needed and has become too significant to overcome in the traditional high school setting
  • Homework does not get turned in consistently
  • Unique learning needs that require more individualized support

We have observed the difficulties students face in high school are often interconnected, and there are usually multiple factors contributing to why a student may benefit from a smaller and more personalized educational setting. At LSA, we take pride in fostering a positive culture and environment that we have cultivated over the years. According to a recent survey on culture and climate, conducted annually with our students, over 90% reported having positive relationships with their teachers. When asked about the overall energy at LSA, 100% of our students responded favorably, highlighting the positive atmosphere that permeates our school.

It is uncommon for high school students to feel such a strong sense of value and connection to their educational institution. We firmly believe that by nurturing positive relationships, providing unwavering individualized support, and maintaining high expectations, all of our students can thrive and succeed in any path they choose in life.

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What Our Students Are Saying

The teachers here at Lincoln are by far the best teachers I've ever had and it's not close. They truly care about you and your well-being.

I always felt like I didn't understand school because school didn't understand me. Lincoln Street helped me learn to love school again.