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Virtual Learning

Birmingham Public Schools provides virtual learning options for students enrolled at Groves or Seaholm, allowing them to learn asynchronously. These classes are offered through reputable third-party providers like Michigan Virtual, Edmentum, Stride Learning Solutions, and others. The instructors are certified teachers from Michigan, although they are not employed directly by the school district.

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 Virtual courses consist of? 

Virtual courses are completely asynchronous and do not offer live instruction through platforms like Zoom or any other videoconferencing tool. Students are given a unique login and password to access the third-party provider's platform. Once logged in, students will have access to the entire class materials, including readings, videos, assignments, and assessments. It is expected that students take responsibility for their own learning and work on their virtual class(es) for approximately one hour each school day.

All assignments and assessments are submitted through the platform, where instructors will grade the work and provide feedback. To learn more about virtual courses, you can watch a video by Mitch Nobis, a BPS teacher who mentors all of our students enrolled in these courses. Additionally, you can find links to course catalogs for our primary providers, Edmentum and Stride Learning Solutions (Peak).

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